Traffic Ticket Court

Traffic Ticket Court

Traffic Ticket Court

Are you aware of the disadvantage of paying for speeding tickets? Many of us often fail to maintain the speed limits on the road, and it results in traffic tickets, which is undesirable for drivers and riders.

Individuals can get a traffic ticket for various activities starting from careless driving, speeding, stunt driving or distracted driving, and it can lead to suspension of license, demerit points, fines even it can lead you behind bars.

If you are not surprised at all, I must tell you it can result in a dramatic hike in insurance rates, and it will be beyond your affordability. Hesami Legal Service is committed to offering the utmost satisfaction for legal problems. If you have got a traffic ticket recently, I can help you to get the best results.

Get ready to consult HLS and ensure the best results without any hassle.

Careless Driving

The tendency of careless driving had increased in recent times, and a lot of people get traffic tickets for reckless driving nowadays. The government has also made some changes in traffic laws, and if you are aware of the changes, it may turn out to be troublesome in future.

You will always need assistance from someone who has sound knowledge on the same, and at HLS, you can take help from a licensed professional, who is quite knowledgeable about present laws.

Stunt Driving

Do you love stunts? It may seem cool to show some feat, but it can lead to accidents anytime. If you have slapped with stunt driving charges, it can lead to severe outcomes unexpected by serious riders.

In case you have got a traffic ticket for stunt driving you should consult with HLS to solve the issue in the best possible ways.


I have discussed what happens when you choose to pay for your speeding tickets. Paying the fine won’t help the riders in any way, and therefore you should not pay it immediately. Since the law has changed in recent years, you will have different legal options for fighting.

Take your time to think about it and if you feel like fighting for the same, make sure to get in touch with me. As a reputed paralegal service provider, HLS can help you to avail of the best legal options for you, and you won’t regret it in future.

Running a Red Light

We all make mistakes on the road, and it helps to get a lesson every time. There is no matter to be ashamed of running a red light, and it can happen to anyone. In case you have got a traffic ticket for running a red light, please get in touch with me and opt for a consultation. Instead of paying the fine, you can fight, and I will help you to know the procedure.

Blocking the Box

As a top-notch paralegal service provider, HLS has prior experience in handling traffic-related cases, and, in case you have received blocking the intersection/box charges, I can help you.

If you are wondering how I can help, I must tell, I have years of expertise in these matters, and I can help you to get the best outcomes. You can check my previous track record, and it will help you to have an idea about my services and offerings.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can lead to suspension of a license or a hefty fine. In distracted driving cases, individuals can get charged if they eat at the time of driving or browsing mobile while driving.

Such incidents are not only unethical; it can bring trouble to others. In case you have been charged with distracted driving, it can lead to severe outcomes.

HLS has experience handling such cases before, and if you need professional assistance in managing the matter, feel free to dial my number. I will consult you regarding the matter and will help you to get the best outcomes for the case. 

Provincial Offences

Many people have the misconception that provincial offence means getting a traffic ticket; however, it is not true. Provincial offence indicates various non-criminal violations that are independently handled by provinces.

If you are living in or near Ontario, you will see such laws enacted under provincial legislation, and it often leads to consequences similar to the criminal code offences.

If you don’t want to end up behind bars, fill hefty fine or probation, you should get in touch with HLS. 

Examples of other types of provincial offences

  • Building code violation can lead to provincial offences
  • Selling alcohol to minors or selling liquors without a license comes under liquor license violation and it comes under the provincial offence
  • Illegal entry to public property or private property comes under violation of property act, and it also comes under the provincial offence 

Such occurrences can attach a stigma with your name, and the individuals do not desire this. Or else, you may have to pay hefty fines. These things can create severe problems in the future and in case you don’t want to face it, please get in touch with HLS.

Underage Selling

Teenagers tend to taste alcohol, cannabis and tobacco everywhere. Many people sell these substances to underage individuals who are against the law in Ontario.

In case you have been charged with underage selling of cannabis, tobacco or alcohol to minors, don’t worry much. I have been handling these cases for years, and you can get in touch with me if you need legal support for the same.


If you have violated the property law by trespassing into a property that doesn’t belong to you, you are likely to have a severe outcome. However, I can help you. For more details, please call me today and book an appointment.

Violation of Building Code

Violating a building code may lead to a hefty fine. However, I can help you to fight the charge. If you need legal support for fighting the building code violation, dial my number today and get the best legal support.