Criminal Summary Conviction Courts

Criminal Summary Conviction Courts

Criminal Summary Conviction Courts

Summary offences are short of criminal acts. Summary offences are also known as summary conviction offences, where the accused being tried  instantly. In Ontario, where the accused get severe punishment, summary offences are considered not as much indictable offence.

At HLS’s Services, I represent accused individuals to ensure the minimum penalty. As one of the most trusted paralegal service provider, Hesami Legal Services is here to deliver solutions for various types of summary conviction offences like shoplifting, assault, theft under 5000, etc.

HLS provides Legal Services for clients from Richmond Hill, Toronto, Brampton, New Market, Markham Ajax, Pickering, Aurora, Barrie, Georgina and Oshawa approximately within 50 kilometres from the office. HLS welcomes individuals who are accused of summary offences or have received a summons from the local court.

Summary Offences

As a reputable paralegal service provider, HLS invites individuals who are accused of summary offences and discuss the charges slapped. I can represent individuals who are charged for crimes like:

s. 54 – Assisting deserter

s. 56 – Offences in relation to members of RCMP

s. 66(1) – Unlawful assembly

s. 83(1) – Engaging in prize fight

s. 89(2) – Carrying weapon while attending public meeting

s. 134(1) – Perjury (where not required to make oath, etc)

s. 174(1) – Nudity

s. 175(1) – Causing disturbance, indecent exhibition, loitering, etc

s. 176(2)-(3) – Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings

s. 177 – Trespassing at night

s. 201(2) – Person found in or owner permitting use (gaming or betting house)

s. 206(4) – Offence (buying ticket for unlawful lottery or game of chance)

s. 207(3)(b) – Offence, participation in lottery scheme (permitted lotteries)

s. 207.1(3)(b) – Offence, participation in lottery scheme (permitted lotteries, international cruise ship)

s. 210(2) – Landlord, inmate, etc (common bawdy-house)

s. 211 – Transporting person to bawdy-house

s. 213(1)-(1.1) – Stopping or impeding traffic / Communication (relating to offering, providing or obtaining sexual services for consideration)

s. 278.9(2) – Publication prohibited (in relation to production order

s. 278.95(2) – Publication prohibited (hearing to determine admissibility of evidence of complainant’s sexual activity)

s. 320.19(2) – Operation while impaired – low blood drug concentration

s. 320.36(4) – Unauthorized use of bodily substance / Unauthorized use or disclosure of results

s. 335(1) – Taking motor vehicle or vessel or found therein without consent

s. 339(2) – Dealer in second-hand goods (lumbering equipment without owner’s consent)

s. 353(3)-(4) – Fail to keep record of transaction, sale of automobile master key

s. 364(1) – Fraudulently obtaining food, beverage or accommodation

s. 393(3) – Fraudulently obtaining transportation

s. 398 – Falsifying employment record

s. 401(1) – Obtaining carriage by false billing

s. 419 – Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates

s. 425 – Offences by employers

s. 438(2) – Interfering with saving of wreck

s. 439(1) – Interfering with marine signal (making fast vessel or boat)

s. 442 – Interfering with boundary lines

s. 447.1(2) – Breach of order (cruelty to animals)

s. 454 – Slugs and tokens

s. 456 – Defacing current coins

s. 457(3) – Likeness of bank-notes

s. 463(c) – Attempts, accessories – summary offences

s. 464(b) – Counselling offence that is not committed – summary offences

s. 465(1)(d) – Conspiracy – summary offences

s. 486.6(1) – Offence (fail to comply with orders restricting publication: sexual offences, victims and witnesses)

s. 487.0197 – Contravene preservation demand

s. 487.0198 – Contravene preservation or production order

s. 487.0199 – Destruction of preserved data

s. 487.08(3) – Use of bodily substances

s. 487.2 – Contravene restriction on publication (warrant)

s. 490.0312 – Offence (obligation to advise police service, NCR outside of Canada)

s. 517(2) – Failure to comply with order (Order directing matters not to be published for specified period)

s. 539(3) – Failure to comply with order (Order restricting publication of evidence taken at preliminary inquiry)

s. 542(2) – Restriction of publication of reports of preliminary inquiry (fail to comply re confession or admission of accused)

s. 648(2) – Restriction on publication (fail to comply re portion of trial where jury absent)

s. 649 – Disclosure of jury proceedings

s. 672.37(3) – Authorizing application for federal employment requiring applicant to disclose an NCR verdict where applicant discharged absolutely or not subject to disposition

s. 672.501(11) – Failure to comply (Order restricting publication – sexual offences, NCR)

s. 732.11(4) – Prohibition on use of bodily substance (contravene, re probation)

s. 742.31(4) – Prohibition on use of bodily substance (contravene, re conditional sentence)

s. 810.4(4) – Prohibition on use of bodily substance (contravene, re recognizance)

Hire HLS to Deal with Summary Offences

A summary conviction offence is a form of criminal activity, which is less serious than indictable crimes. In summary offences, the accused get lesser punishment than what an indictable accused gets. If convicted, an accused will have to pay the maximum fine of $5,000, while the maximum jail term can be 6 months. As an expert, I can help you to receive minimum punishment or penalties.

If there are charges against you with summary offences like shoplifting, theft under 5000, etc. you will have to fight the case at the Ontario Court of Justice. In summary offences, an accused will have no right to seek preliminary inquiry or the option of being tried by a judge. I will be there to represent you in the Ontario Court of Justice guide you in the proceedings.

In the case of a summary offence, the police department will have 12 months from the date the accused has committed the act to lay charges. As an accused, you will not have to present in the court, and you can hire HLS to present your case on your behalf until the day of trial.

However, if the judge of the court summons the accused, the accused must appear before the judge in person. If the accused remains unavailable, the judge can issue an arrest warrant.
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Why You Should Hire an Expert to Deal with Criminal Summary Conviction?

Although summary offences like shoplifting are less serious compared to indictable violations once convicted, an accused can face many hurdles when going through the proceedings. The maximum punishment for a convicted person can be six months imprisonment, which can be a significant loss for an individual.

Whether it is a summary or indictable offence, if you are facing criminal charges, it can negatively impact your personal, professional and social life. Hence, if you are an accused who are struggling with criminal charges, you must hire an expert who can help you to protect your future.

A reputable Paralegal service provider like HLS understands different procedural decisions better and help individuals with summary offence charges.

Paralegal experts help their clients with their ability and expertise. Experts conduct investigations to understand the case precisely and take necessary measures to defend their clients at the court.

A reliable paralegal service provider will offer expert advice to their clients so that they can understand the potential repercussions of the case.
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Why HLS?

HLS is one of the most reputable paralegal service providers in Ontario serving clients from the cities like Toronto, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Markham Ajax, Newmarket, Aurora, Pickering, Georgina, Barrie and Oshawa for years.

HLS is here to take care of your summary offence like assault, theft under 500, etc. and represent you in the court with all the necessary documents. I have the much-needed experience and expertise in the field, and I can help you to settle the case.

I help individuals with summary offence charges by guiding them throughout the process. Since summary offence is less severe than indictable violations, HLS is here to make sure its clients receive minimum punishment or fine after declared convicted in theOntario Court of Justice.

HLS offers 5-10 minutes free on-call advice service, where you can share the details of charges. HLS follows a strict policy on confidentiality. I can assure you that I will not share your information with any other unauthorized parties even if you do not want HLS to take care of your case.

I am the founder of Hesami Legal Services. I am a licensed paralegal, and I studied three years advanced course in law at the University of London to extend expertise in my area of practice. I can speak in five different languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi and Hindi) to serve clients in better ways.

I have a sheer understanding of the process and procedure, and I can ensure a satisfactory outcome for you. HLS does not charge upfront fees and offers special discounts for low-income families. I welcome every individual who is struggling with summary offence charges and want to walk away with minimum punishment. If you are looking for experts’ help to get rid of summary offence charges, never hesitate to call HLS.

Contact HLS now and see how I can help you.

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