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I am an educated, privileged paralegal who has a professional and moral duty to represent the underrepresented in our society, to ensure that justice exists for all, both legal and economic justice.

Primary Practice Areas

HLS offers you more than just a typical Paralegal Services

Landlord and Tenants

Landlord and tenants disputes are widespread in today’s scenario, and a lot of people have become a victim of such conflicts.

Human Rights Tribunals

At Hesami Legal Services, I provide advice and representation for human rights issues at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Small Claims Court

Hesami Legal Service is one of the top-notch organizations that acquire specialization in the field of small claims court.

Summary Conviction Courts

HLS welcomes individuals who are accused of summary offences or have received a summons from the local court.

Traffic Ticket Court

Are you aware of the disadvantage of paying for speeding tickets? Get ready to consult HLS and ensure the best results.

Notary Public and Commission

If you are looking for the best place for Notarial services at a reasonable cost, you have come to the right place.

About Hesami Legal Services

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All These Years.

Hesami Legal Services founded by Mr. Alireza Hesami who is a licensed Paralegal. He is currently studying law at the University of London International program to have a better understanding of his current legal expertise.

HLS provides Legal Services for the clients of Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Markham Ajax, Pickering, Aurora, Barrie, Georgina and Oshawa approximately within 50 kilometres from the office location.

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Eviction case

Eviction by Alireza Hesami Licensed Paralegal from Hesami Legal Services in COVID-19 period by the Sherrif and order of Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board and also the order of Superior Court of Justice.

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Google Reviews

Anuj Pandey
Anuj Pandey
"Great experience overall having Mr Hesami as my legal attorney. Mr Hesami understand his client, very insightful and is very dedicated / expert in his field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual. He represented me in the small claim court regarding a construction fraud and won the case .Going forward I will be recommending his service to all my family and friends.
Hooman Paysepar
Hooman Paysepar
Mr. Hesami is always available and professional. I would recommend him.
kambiz farsian
kambiz farsian
Before I hired Mr Hesami for our LTB case, I interviewed with 8 different paralegals and lawyers and found out he is very knowledgeable compared to others. Our case was very complicated and Mr Hesami did a great job, he could get 3 urgent hearings from the landlord tenant board during Covid 19 in 2 months period. He is working very hard and he is always available to answer your questions. I strongly recommend him if you have any Landlord Tenant Board issue. He is the best.
Lauren C
Lauren C
Mr. Hesami is the best! All the good reviews are true. I have been using Hesami Legal Services for 2 years and he is the only legal company that I trust completely to take care of my legal needs. Mr. Hesami is highly knowledgeable and experienced. Very professional law company!
Houri Jahanshahrad
Houri Jahanshahrad
Mr. Hesami represented me in two cases at LTB against my tenants. We won both cases. He is very professional and rendered the best legal services. He is extremely knowledgeable about his work and his knowledge even surpassed the judicator at the tribunal and impressed the judicator by his knowledge. I most appreciate Mr. Hesami’s legal services.
Nora Fateli
Nora Fateli
Anonymous post. Hesami legal services is the best in the industry. Mr. Hesami has worked with the largest clients and is knowledgeable for all types of legal cases. He is very hardworking and has excellent integrity for his legal practice. Mr. Hesami is highly experienced and is always there for his clients! He has help my family with their legal needs till date. Would highly recommend Hesami Legal Services!
Ali Shabahat
Ali Shabahat
Very reliable honest and only charge the fee whatever fairly needed to be charge from clients. He care for your case even if you are even not hiring him for service. Very good in command of case and knowledgeable. Saved me from professional tenant now he is my family lawyer ..Thanks a lot Ali Reza.
Sarika Thakur
Sarika Thakur
I needed help with my ticket. I lost my trail and then I went to Mr. Hesami. He helped me and guided me very well. He did a fabulous job. I will surely recommend Mr. Hesami!
YCC244 WoodBrook
YCC244 WoodBrook
Hesami Paralegal Services saved our legal cost and eased our stress for the leagal case with their professional knowledge and experiences. A small point they found in your case may save you thousand of dollars.
Ahmed Attia
Ahmed Attia
He saved me a lot of money and time. Best service and very professional and he knows the system that is makes him very different than the other paralegals. Thank you for a service well done.